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The rehabilitation center for you with stroke or other acquired brain damage

At Hedla we offer intensive and individually designed neurological rehabilitation programs, with goal-oriented and specific training in an enriched environment.

Recover function and quality of life with intensive neuro rehab

Research and clinical experience show that with the right training and stimulation, it is entirely possible for the brain to recreate lost function many years after an acquired brain injury has occurred. For maximum recovery, the rehabilitation should be intensive and individually designed for each person, with specific and repetitive training in an enriched environment. This is well known amongst researchers around the world, and at Hedla we put it into practice.

Our rehab programs

Hedla's rehabilitation programs are based on extensive clinical experience as well as the basic principles of neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to develop and reorganise itself in response to new experiences, stimuli and challenges. A close contact with ongoing scientific research allows us to continuously develop, evaluate and refine our methods according to the latest evidence.

Upcoming program periods

Spring 2023

february 6 to february 24 - fully booked

27 februari till 17 mars – 2 platser kvar

march 20 to april 7 - focus: language and speech

april 10 to april 28

may 1 to may 19

Autumn 2023

september 18 to october 6

october 9 to october 27

30 oktober till 17 november – focus: language and speech

november 20 to december 8

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