Neuro rehab based on the latest research

A close contact with ongoing scientific research in neurological rehabilitation makes it possible for us at Hedla to continuously develop and evaluate our methods, to ensure that we are always on the forefront and that our work is evidence-based. Our vision is to put the participant and his or her conditions, needs and goals in the center and provide them with the right tools to make the best possible progress, based on the current research.


Evidencebased rehabilitation

Evidence-based rehabilitation advocates that decisions and treatment should be based on strong evidence from current research, so that the best practices can be established and applied. Hedla's staff are continuously trained in the latest research findings and participate in various research projects regarding neurological rehabilitation. In a research collaboration between Karolinska Institutet, Cimes Aphasia Lab at the University of Málaga and Hedla, the effects of intensive language and speech rehabilitation for people with aphasia and apraxia of speech after stroke are evaluated. In the study, a brain scan is performed on each participant before and after their rehab period at Hedla. After just a few weeks of training, a reorganization and recreation of nerve cells can generally be seen. The study is led by, among others, Professor Marcelo Berthier, senior lecturer Ellika Schalling and speech language pathologist Marika Schütz, who is also studying how this intensive rehabilitation approach can be implemented in Swedish healthcare.

You can read more about the research project HERE.


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