About us


Hedla was founded in 2018 by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Hedlund. After having suffered a stroke himself he spent more than a decade conducting an extensive search for a neurological rehabilitation center that applied all the latest research to their clinical practice. This unsuccessful attempt eventually led to the founding of Hedla, with the goal of making the most effective neurological rehabilitation available to more people.


Quality and clinical expertise

Our rehab team consists of highly qualified and committed physiotherapists, speech language pathologists and neurologists who all specialise in neurological function and the brain's ability to recover and restore lost functions after injury or illness. Hedla's staff are continuously trained in the latest research findings and participate in research projects regarding neurological rehabilitation. With a high staff-to-participant ratio, our vision is to always put the participant and his or her conditions, needs and goals in the center and provide the right tools to make the best possible progress.

Anna Sjöholm

Physiotherapist with unique experience in organisation, design and implementation of intensive neurological rehabilitation, physical activitity and stroke research.

Ismael López-Ventura

Specialist in neurology, general medicine and internal medicine educated in Sweden, the US och Spain, with more than 20 years of experience in neurological rehabilitation.

Cecilia Eddin
Speech Language Pathologist

Experienced speech language pathologist specialised in aphasia, apraxia of speech and neurological voice disorders. LSVT certified.  

Pablo Cárdenas

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Doris Ekvall

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David Najafi

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Marika Schütz
Speech Language Pathologist

Extended experience in design and implementation of intensive neuro rehab. Responsible for an ongoing research project in aphasia and apraxia of speech in collaboration with CIMES (University of Malaga) and CLINTEC (Karolinska Institute).

Stefan Andersson
Senior adviser

The health care leader who is also a physiotherapist and a nurse assistant. As a rehabilitation adviser and CEO, he has been involved in building and developing several rehab organisations, both in Sweden and abroad.

Lars Hedlund
Founder of Hedla

When Lars suffered a stroke and aphasia he realised that the neuro rehab needed to be improved. Hedla was created to meet this need of extended, intensive and effective rehab.