Rehab programs

At Hedla we offer intensive and individually designed neurological rehabilitation programs, with goal-oriented and specific training in an enriched environment.

Rehab programs

At Hedla we offer intensive and individually designed neurological rehabilitation programs, with goal-oriented and specific training in an enriched environment.

Goal-oriented teamwork with the participant in focus

Hedla´s team, consisting of well-trained and committed physiotherapists, speech language pathologists, neurologists and rehabilitation doctors all work closely with the participant and significant others to optimise the rehabilitation. Prior to each program, the participant meets with our team for a thorough evaluation of health conditions, symptoms and individual abilities. Together with the team, the participant sets relevant and measurable goals for the period and a rehabilitation plan is then carefully designed.

Intensive and individualised training

The individualized training takes place five hours a day, Monday to Friday, for three weeks. This enables a sufficiently large training dose and intensity to achieve clear improvements in accordance with each participant's goals. The training plan is continuously evaluated during the program and is updated and adjusted depending on individual conditions and progress achieved. At the end of the rehabilitation period, the participant receives recommendations for continued training and the option for follow-up and training at home.

Enriched environment

Research show that an enriched environment has a very positive impact on the brain and its ability to recover from neurological injury or illness. The concept of an enriched environment is defined, in research contexts, as a combination of three main components: physical activity, intellectual stimulation and social interaction.

The site of Hedla's facilities in Almuñécar has been carefully selected to offer a truly enriched environment with sea views and lush gardens. Both indoor and outdoor areas specially designed for neurological rehabilitation, socialising and exchanging experiences with people in a similar situation. Our facilities, as well as the surroundings with adjacent parks, mountains and beaches enable training in varied terrain and offer lifelike physical and cognitive challenges at all levels. The good climate in Almuñécar also plays an important role, as it allows for outdoor training almost every day of the year.

Educational activities for participants and significant others

During the rehab period, we offer recurring lectures and workshops. We place great focus on both practical and theoretical education with our participants and their significant others, especially in the following areas:

  • The brain's function and its ability to develop and reorganise itself
  • How to make the greatest possible progress, according to current research
  • Effective and safe training at home
  • How relatives and personal assistants can support
  • How to set smart goals

Do you want to know more about Hedla's rehabilitation program from a participant's perspective?

Satu eller Adam, som båda har genomfört delar av sin rehabilitering på Hedla, kanske kan hjälpa dig med frågor och funderingar.

Adam suffered a stroke in 2019, resulting in loss of left-sided motor skills and brain fatigue. Du kan nå honom på hans instagramkonto.

Satu had a stroke in the cerebellum and trunk in 2018 and then suffered from speech difficulties, loss of sensation and impaired motor skills, strength and balance. Du kan kontakta henne på Facebook.

Upcoming program periods

Spring 2023

february 6 to february 24 - fully booked

27 februari till 17 mars – 2 platser kvar

march 20 to april 7 - focus: language and speech

april 10 to april 28

may 1 to may 19

Autumn 2023

september 18 to october 6

october 9 to october 27

30 oktober till 17 november – focus: language and speech

november 20 to december 8

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